Asad Arshad

Asad Arshad

Founder, Chairman & CEO - iFavour

Asad Arshad – Diehard entrepreneur, a future visionary who loves disruptive innovation across wearable tech and all media especially related to AR / VR.

A 36 year old British born national, Asad is responsible for creating the vision and strategy for the world’s first programmatic patent pending AR Ad-Serving technology across all media and devices which corners the market. Asad implemented his knowledge from studies in Cybernetics with Automotive Electronics Engineering when filing a game changing patent, with Augmented Reality.


Currently being head hunted, his vision has vested the keen interest of numerous VC’s seeking to invest £16 million nationally or north of this amount abroad for series A funding. No doubt in his mind set, that iFavour ® shall one day be valued in the billions in this rapidly growing industry, by 2020 VR / AR is projected to reach $150 Billion in revenue.

Are We Ready for Mixed Reality?

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The evolution of MR is a space that we are not used to and the changes that MR will induce in the society will be enormous. Human creativity and imagination will be expanded and the economy and industrial processes will be more efficient. However, with this also comes social breaches, a lack of understanding and […]

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