Patrick O’Luanaigh

Patrick O’Luanaigh

Founder & CEO - nDreams

Patrick is the founder and CEO of nDreams Ltd, a fast-growing independent games developer and publisher focused on reality (VR) games and experiences.

O’Luanaigh has over 19 years’ experience within the gaming industry, having previously held senior positions at Codemasters including Head of External Development and Acquisitions, signing and producing titles such as the Music/MTV series and Operation Flashpoint.

From 2000 to 2006, Patrick was Creative Director Eidos/SCi, where he was responsible for game design, gameplay and overall quality on all titles, including Tomb Raider : Legend, Hitman : Blood Money, Just Cause and Conflict: Desert Storm.

Patrick founded nDreams in late 2006, and has grown thethe company from a one-man team to one of the world’s leading VR specialists with over 40 full-time studio staff.
Patrick is proud to have been a member of BAFTA for many years.He writes and produces music in his spare time.

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